Welcome to Mik’s Reliable Library

Meet Mik

Hello, I’m Mik, and I started this blog because Christian publishers today can’t always be trusted to put out truly Christian media. I love “positive” media that is not overtly Christian, but when publishers call books, movies or music Christian and their theology is moldy or their morality askew, that just makes me crazy.

Another thing publishers could do better at is finding fresh new faces and ideas. The indie publishing world is rich and vibrant, and while there are plenty of great things going on in the mainstream, some of which I’ll discuss from time to time, it’s the indie world that will get the most attention here and in my store.

I will be posting reviews and making suggestions based on the trustworthiness of both the material and the authors/producers/artists. I’ve been blessed to get to know many indie authors and musicians over the years, and I will be promoting them as shamelessly as I promote myself.

The most important thing is to be an independent critical thinker, and to apply critical analysis to any media we consume. There may be products that are not 100% accurate in their theology, but their message is important, just as conversely products may be dead on theologically but miss the mark entirely with their message and become useless. We’ll look at many types and genres of products and examine their viability, whether they’re worth your time and money.

Another aspect of reviewing that must be lost today based on the total lack of restraint that I see in the marketplace is to determine if a product is appropriate for children. Books don’t come with ratings like movies do, and parents the globe over have read insanely age-inappropriate material to their children by choosing some popular authors as bedtime reading. I’ll break down (at least from my perspective) each title and what ages seem appropriate to me.

Important Caveats:

Not every product reviewed or suggested will be a “Christian” product.

Posts about free products on Kindle and Nook, or sale price items may not have been reviewed, and you may come across the post after the free days or sales have ended, so consume at your own risk.


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