This week, Mik joins the wonderful authors of the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour and shares a favorite Christmas memory. Merry Christmas!

Grace Awards

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Twenty-two talented authors are participating in the Grace Filled Christmas Blog Tour, sponsored by the Grace Awards. These writers have a great love for Christmas and would like to share with the public their thoughts about what inspires them and their Christmas memories.

Xmas, Bow Border

KARIN KAUFMAN (SPARROW HOUSE, a cozy mystery about ancestry and family trees)

Grace Awards:  What is your favorite Christmas carol and why? Do you have a favorite performing artist who sings that song?

Karin:  My favorite Christmas carol is “O Holy Night.” Like most carols, it has a beautiful melody, but unlike a lot of carols, its lyrics are also beautiful. And bold. Is there another Christmas carol that unabashedly mentions sin? Even the original French version does.

And then there are those two stirring lines, where melody and words meet perfectly—“Fall on your knees” and “Christ is the Lord.” No matter how many times I hear this…

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