For every wife who needs insight into the heart of a grieving husband

Emotional and Encouraging

My Emily does something few women have ever seen. It gives an honest, in-depth look at the emotional guts of a man; not just any man, but one who is hurting and mourning. If you are a wife who is or has dealt with heartbreaking diagnoses, family hardships or the death of a child, and you’ve wondered how your spouse is handling it…you need to read My Emily. Too often men in crisis keep their emotions bottled up and coast on what seems like auto-pilot which can be incredibly difficult for women to process. Matt Patterson does a great job of providing insight into what goes on inside that auto-pilot world.

This book is a must-read for women who need that insight, but also for men who could use some help putting words to their own pain. Matt’s honesty and ability to be both raw and witty will help men who face their own crises to see that vulnerability is manly too, and transparency is important, even if it ends up being in retrospect.My Emily made me gasp, weep, and even chortle as Patterson handily shared his deepest heartbreak with real humanity and strength of spirit.