Young Adult fiction that inspires action

Nail-biting suspense with purpose

I downloaded Elite of the Weak for my teenager, and got sucked into it before I could even tell him about it. I was captivated by the young heroine with her unique background and perspective. There’s something in all of us that suspects we’d play the hero if we had a real opportunity, and Hadassah’s first opportunity was such an invigorating ride that as a reader, there’s just no putting this book down.

I love the heart behind this novel – Yates obviously has a passion for freeing the slaves bound in human trafficking, and Elite of the Weak not only brings the issue to light, it activates the reader to get involved. She covers delicate subject matter carefully so not to damage the innocence of any reader, but gets enough of the point across to stir the readers sense of justice.

The tidbits of spiritual instruction in the book are Biblical and vital for our times. The setting is speculative near-future possible reality, and I appreciated the care the author took to paint a vivid and plausible scape, using scripture as her lens. The book doesn’t read preachy, although the characters are at times intensely studying and learning Biblical concepts.

The sequel is available so readers can have immediate resolution for the cliffhanger ending and plunge headlong forward with this Revelation Special Ops team as their assignments continue. I highly recommend this for teenagers and adults alike.

Elite of the Weak by Precarious Yates – Available in paperback or Kindle.