Author’s Review of The Angel Crest Deception

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This suspense/thriller has been our labor of love for the last six years. What started out as a compilation of personal stories shared with us about all types of spiritual battles became a full-scale action adventure. The Angel Crest Deception uses a type of writing called Speculative Fiction, which takes historical figures and facts, ties in current events and headlines, and in our case plays a scenario forward through the lens of Biblical prophecy. We believe that lens is the only way to comprehend accurately what is going on in our world.

Many people have asked us if this book is “apocalyptic” or takes a stand on end times eschatology. The Angel Crest Deception shows a snapshot of a near-future possible reality based on political and technological advances in recent years, but doesn’t espouse any one specific end times viewpoint.

Prophecy unfolds one step at a time, and politically those steps can look like a Gene Kelley dance in the rain. We can tell from the news that the groundwork is being laid rapidly for national and global implementation of human tagging. We know from the Bible that the Mark of the beast is coming, and have a basic idea of how it will be used. In The Angel Crest Deception, the battle is over one step in the process, an attempt to delay the prophetic inevitable.

The reality is, God’s plan is unfolding, the ball is rolling, no one can deny that all the signs are in place and increasing. We won’t be able to stop prophecy from coming to pass, but there are those who would seek to stall it for the sake of saving more souls. To delay the prophetic inevitable. The dichotomy of that is that by stalling, yes, we may get time to reach more unbelievers with the Gospel, but we will also lose more to the rampant apostacy that is already devouring the Church.

That apostacy is in great part to the fantastic spiritual battle that rages in the heavenlies, and touches each of us in one way or another. Any foothold the enemy can get in our lives, he will exploit for our destruction. We are supposed to be one step ahead of him but we’ve been lazy as a culture and lied to by our leaders, so that many Christians have allowed footholds they don’t even realize. The personal stories in The Angel Crest Deception are composites of experiences by real people and the various outworkings of spiritual crisis due to footholds. We hope that by exposing some of the enemy’s schemes in a fictional setting, and giving hope for the victory we have through Jesus, that readers will have new tools and be encouraged to examine their own lives and eliminate those areas the enemy is using to invade and destroy.

The themes in ACD are dark, the main character is an agnostic who moonlights as a vampire role-player, so sensitive Christian readers may feel uncomfortable, but the Gospel message and spiritual freedom are offered in a way that’s fresh and easy on the non-believer’s digestion. This makes a great book to pass on to the skeptic in your life.

The Angel Crest Deception will captivate the imaginations of teen readers, but I recommend parents read it first. Our son read it at 14, and devoured it in one sitting (granted, he sat for six hours) but the topics in the book were already familiar to him. Use discernment.

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What readers are saying about The Angel Crest Deception:

“ Co-authors Greg and Mikaya Kayne have done a masterful job of taking an historical “what if” and turning it into a fascinating modern day thriller. ” D. O. Allen

“ I found it hard to put the book down – so I didn’t…just kept reading!! ” Momof4

“ The future of Christian thrillers is here, in the Kaynes! ” Kim Huther